English Class

At the moment there are no English classes, feel free to join a dutch class. I will teach in English when you join :)

The origin of Smiling Spirit yoga is founded in the Kundalini yoga.

Kundalini yoga was taught in 1969 for the first time openly by Yogi Bhajan. 
It is one of the oldest forms of yoga, in which many other yoga forms originated.
Smiling Spirit yoga is an dynamic yoga, with it's basics in kundalini yoga with elements of Hatha yoga en Asthanga yoga.

Yoga is appropriate for people who look for compensation for their daily stress. 
Who want to keep their body healthy and sharpen their mind.

The goal of Yoga is to free up space so your life energy (kundalini) can flow freely through all of your chakras. 
Smiling Spirit Yoga helps you to look up on every day's life with confidence and flexibility.

Smiling Spirit yoga:

Gives relaxation
 - Improves body posture
 - Increases concentration - and builds up your condition

Yoga classes are thought by: Caroline van den Ende, 
Caroline is an inspiring yoga teacher and by following her classes she will lift you up to a higher state of awareness. 
Feeling more alive, joyful and peaceful.

All lessons are 75 minutes

Here are some details:

Materials: Bring a small towel or mat, a water bottle if you like, your own personal cosy blanket if you wish and your eye pillow.

Please feel free to call for all your questions or to make an appointment 06-21165597
or e-mail: smilingspirityoga@gmail.com

Hope to see you soon!