Private Yoga


Reasons to Consider Private Yoga

You are brand new to yoga.

Would you like to join the neighborhood yoga studio or attend yoga classes at your gym but are just too shy to jump in? Private lessons are an excellent way to begin your own yoga practice. Develop your confidence by learning the fundamentals of yoga at your own pace. Ask questions when you like, take your time learning the poses, rest when you need to, and receive the individualized attention that you may not feel comfortable asking for in a group setting.

You would like to deepen or strengthen your practice. 

Perhaps you are interested in understanding more about the ancient and broad teachings of Yoga. You may want to investigate more difficult poses or receive complete and detailed adjustments. Or there may be specific practices such as pranayama (breath work) or meditation that you would like to add to your practice. Private lessons allow us to tailor the teaching to your specific desires and inquiries.

You would like to develop a home practice.

You may be a beginner or experienced yogi who understands the benefits of a daily practice, but would like assistance developing one. Together we can create your own practice, working on your areas of interest such as alignment, sequencing, pranayama, meditation and/or the philosophical aspects of yoga.

You have been away from yoga for a while. 

You’ve had an active practice in the past but are just getting back into yoga, perhaps due to an illness or injury. Private lessons can allow us to reintegrate your body back into your practice while taking special care of your physical or emotional needs.

How do Private Yoga lessons work?

We will meet in your home and begin by discussing your needs, concerns, questions and goals. Then we work together, considering your individual situation, to develop a practice that is perfect for you. Each private lesson is 60 minutes, booked in advance at a time and day convenient to you.

How many times should we meet?

Ideally, we should plan to meet weekly or bi-weekly for a certain period of time, usually 3-6 months. This allows us time to reach your goals and address any deeper issues that may arise. However, we can work together to create a program that works with your schedule and budget.

What about group private lessons?

Practicing with a group gives us a chance to develop healthy habits with friends, family, or co-workers and to bring more mindfulness and respect to those relationships. Group practice also offers a chance to inspire or be inspired by those around you. These sessions can be held in one of the participants’ homes at work or my studio in Wassenaar (I accommodate up to 12 students).

You can also create your own group Celebrate a Birthday, Anniversary,  Bachelor or Bachelorette party, or any other occasion for a one time group lesson.  Or gather a small group of friends to meet regularly.  Contact me to discuss your ideas.



1 hour private session: 65 euro (extra partner/friend 10 euro)

 Package of 6 sessions:  345 euro


1 hour session: 100 euro (6 students)

                       200 euro (12 students)

Please feel free to call for all your questions or to make an appointment.

Private yoga lessons are given by: Caroline van den Ende